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    Regardless of the setting of a film, its substance will undoubtedly make you chuckle. An honest heartfelt story (spoof) would be likewise basically as sharp as a dull satire. Prepared with understanding and humour right degrees, a piece of these best Bollywood parody films consider a wide scope of the group. Here, have a look at some of the best Bollywood Comedy movies: –

    Best movies to watch Bollywood

    • Hera Pheri
    Hera Pheri - MoviesElite
    Hera Pheri – MoviesElite

    This movie is on the top of our list, so you can judge this as the best Bollywood comedy movie to watch. A brilliant and not romantic at all in every part, this movie has three main characters Raju (Akshay Kumar), Baburao Ganpatrao Apte (Paresh Rawal) & Ghanshyam or Shyam (Sunil Shetty) and it also has many brilliant side characters, giving this movie a burst of laughter. I can bet you will not try to skip this movie even for a minute, the movie has some emotional parts served in a comedian way. Every part of this movie connects to a new peak of happiness. You must give this movie a watch, this movie deserves it.

    • 3 idiots
    3 Idiots - MoviesElite
    3 Idiots – MoviesElite

    This movie depends on the existence of college companions Rancho, Farhan and Raju. It expands upon the scholarly and familial tension on the triplet to succeed. Giving this movie a watch will be worth it, you are going to enjoy this movie for sure. You will find many interesting-comedy scenes which will make you laugh. You can also check 3 Idiots on Rotten Tomatoes.

    • Dhamaal
    Dhamaal - MoviesElite
    Dhamaal – MoviesElite

    Dhamaal movie has two direct sequels Double Dhamaal and then a Total Dhamaal, it is one of the best comedy movies to watch till date. This movie has brilliant characters like Jaaved Jaffrey as Manav Shrivastav, Sanjay Dutt as Kabir Nayak, Riteish Deshmukh as Deshbandhu Roy, Vijay Raaz as Dev Kumar Malik and many more. The story revolves around four friends who are on a mission to track down a secret fortune in Goa. They are pursued by a bad cop, who keeps a tab on everything they might do making their journey significantly harder.

    • Chup Chup Ke 
    Chup Chup Ke - MoviesElite
    Chup Chup Ke – MoviesElite

    This movie was released in 2006, it is an Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama movie. The main role in this movie was played by Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, where Shahid Kapoor played the role of Jeetu, the son of a retired teacher. Jeetu used to take debt and you know too much debt can turn a good debt into bad debt, Jeetu decides to commit suicide by jumping into the sea so that his father could get insurance money to pay the debt. However, Jeetu doesn’t die and is rescued by two fishermen Gundya and Bandya and this story has many laughter moments or should I say this movie is full of laughter bursts. You must check it out to know the full story of this film. Get every info about this movie at Box Office India

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    • Welcome
    Welcome - MoviesElite
    Welcome – MoviesElite

    Think about marrying the sister of the biggest don in your city? You will run for your life, don’t you? You will definitely but Rajeev didn’t. Uday was the don and Sanjana was his sweet kind-hearted sister, Uday wanted to marry her sister to a gentleman and Uday found Rajeev perfect for his sister, so he decided to marry her sister to Rajeev and the story drama continued throughout the movie which will make you laugh until you don’t get a stomach ache. I like and recommend this movie, if you are searching for the best Bollywood movie to watch or like the best Bollywood comedy movie, this movie is a perfect fit for you.

    • Vicky Donor
    Vicky Donor - MoviesElite
    Vicky Donor – MoviesElite

    Vicky Donor is an Indian romantic comedy film starring Ayushmann Khurrana, the story of the movie is set to explain the ground of infertility and sperm donation. The film was released in 2012, A clinic and a sperm bank owner Dr Baldev Chaddha who guarantees high-quality sperm but most of his cases were failed than successes. Then he starts to search for a healthy and high-quality sperm donor, the movie has a good rating of 7.8 out of 10 which is quite good. Everyone has their own taste so you better should not go for the ratings, and that’s the reason we don’t mention ratings or give ratings to movies often. So, try to give this movie a watch it will be a good decision of you. Listen to Vicky Donor’s songs at

    • Badhaai Ho
    Badhaai Ho - MoviesElite
    Badhaai Ho – MoviesElite

    Badhaai Ho is an Indian Hindi language and a comedy-drama film as you are reading the best Bollywood comedy movies to watch, Badhaai Ho was a successful film. The story of the film is based on the life of Nakul Kaushik (Ayushmann Khurrana) who is a 25-year-old working young man, in the story later on the mother of Nakul (Priyamvada) gets scolded by his grandmother Durga. And one day his grandmother taunts his (Nakuls) mother and she gets upset, then Jeetu (Nakul’s father) convinces his wife (Priyamvada) and they get intimate. After some weeks, Priyamvada realizes she got pregnant and the twist and burst of comedy in the movie start from here. To know what actually happened after you have to should watch the movie for laughing harder.

    • Munna Bhai M.B.B.S
    Munna Bhai M.B.B.S - MoviesElite
    Munna Bhai M.B.B.S – MoviesElite

    Mmm… we are talking about the best Bollywood comedy movies to watch and we didn’t mention Munna Bhai in our list, Naah that can’t happen. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S is a really funny movie and really has a great story plot, in spite of being full of comedy this movie is a bit inspirational too. Going through this movie will give you a different experience, you will forget that you are watching a movie you will be lost somewhere in the ground reality of today. You must watch the movie to know the exact story of the movie, you will really love the movie. Umm… wait for a second if I am not giving you a glimpse of the story, so here I am listing some best dialogues from Munna Bhai:-

    1. Who bahar casualty mein koi marne ki haalat mein raha.. To usko from bharna zaroori hai kya?
    2. Isko ragging bolte hai kya.. Mast hai yaar. Main Bhi karu kya?
    3. Aee Swami tu Karna inki ragging apun ko dekhne ka hai.
    4. And the best one – Tum bhot mast kaam karta hai.

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    • Malamaal Weekly
    Malamaal weekly - MoviesElite
    Malamaal weekly – MoviesElite

    Malamaal Weekly was released in 2006 and is an Indian comedy film. You should watch this movie for the great storyline of the movie, a simple but one of the funniest movies of all time. With the best Bollywood movies to watch you should give this movie a chance to make you laugh, if I could rate this movie then I should have given it 9 of 10 stars just because I like this movie personally not keeping others in mind. But it doesn’t mean that this movie doesn’t deserve a watch.

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    Here, we have listed the best Bollywood movies to watch or Bollywood comedy movies to watch, whatever title you want to give. However, we have chosen some comedy movies best of our knowledge for you. After reading this guide you will not need to search for any movie to watch other than this.

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    Which is the No 1 comedy movie in Bollywood?

    1. Hera Pheri
    2. 3 idiots
    3. Dhamaal
    4. Chup Chup Ke 
    5. Welcome
    6. Vicky Donor
    7. Badhaai Ho
    8. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S
    9. Malamaal Weekly Best Bollywood comedy movies - MoviesElite

    Which is the best Bollywood comedy movie?

    Hera Pheri is the best Bollywood comedy movie.


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