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    Jai Bhim Movie Review

    Jai Bhim movie review: In the judicial history of India, a petition filed in the Madras High Court in the year 1995 attracted the attention of not only the state of Tamil Nadu but the whole country. The matter at its root would be seen as the highest inhumanity in any human system in the world. To go through the experience of that brutality, you can watch or can search on Google Suriya’s film Jai Bhim.

    I also came to know for the first time through Suriya’s film Jai Bheem about the Irula community and the situations faced by them for centuries. The situation is not like that either. Seeing this, even the hardest-hearted person will be filled with hatred and personal remorse against inhumanity.

    Jai Bhim Movie Review at Times of India

    A still from Jay Bhim – MoviesElite

    Jai Bhim Movie Release Date.

    Jai Bhim movie released on 2nd of November 2021, this movie was released on Amazon Prime Video. You can check movie ratings and other information on IMDB

    Jay Bhim - MoviesElite
    Another still from Jay Bhim – MoviesElite

    Jai Bhim movie review by Author.

    Had a feeling of watching a quality movie after some time in this pandemic. Worth watching, a movie that never makes you feel bored hold you tight on the seat to enjoy every bit of it. Everything about this movie has to be praised be it bgm, plot, casting, characters. You will get all kinds of emotions joy anger tears. Good message to society for people from any country because it is happening everywhere in any place. At least some film it without restriction. All characters are well performed.

    The most hated character, 3 policemen damn seriously easily can make any audience blood boil, I felt like smashing them in real. Imagine how well that the villain’s character brought impacts among the audience. 3 of them deserve Credits and compliments too for their realistic acting.

    Surya of course, great actor and his act become a strong added value for this film to bring more credits. Personally, every good story movie should have some famous actors collaborate to make such movies reach all audiences otherwise it does not get that much support. 

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    Jay Bhim - MoviesElite
    Jay Bhim – MoviesElite

    Review by a fan.

    A film that must have got released on the big screen… a film with a true story scrapping out the caste-based oppressions which the oppressed people like tribals had experienced and is experiencing for centuries. a film that brings out the cry of a society that was suppressed so much that they are not even able to cry aloud independently. It may be about hon’ble justice Chandru sir, but for every one of us, it turned into a story of our household on seeing the feelings portrayed by the characters. The film made that took us into the plot, instead of watching as a spectator on our gadget screen made us cry along with characters, empathize with their pain and at the end, left a deep mark such that it was so hard for me to sleep that night. All the actors well played their roles. As usual, Surya nailed the acting as a lawyer, as he is a man who knows the art to portray the classical days and legends without losing the essence, as we had seen in many of his movies. Prakash raj had justified his role too. Every actor nailed their roles as much as they can. The plus point is that they made the people of that society act instead of misrepresenting. There were no so-called useless mass flight scenes, masala songs, useless romance, idiotic sexist jokes. Hats off to the director TJ Gnanavel who brought a real epic to big screens after a long time

    Small negatives are Lijomol Jose might have been allowed to act with her colour, Rao Ramesh role might have been given more importance.

    The background music was so good that it took us into the film, making our hearts palpate along with the characters.

    In a nutshell, Jai Bhim is the best among all the other movies I had watched ever.

    Hope so many movies start showing real life, social issues, that every oppressed human in this society faces daily and moans inside silently with greater agony instead of heroic stories. Let them remind the first warrior of the oppressed ones, who is still guiding in the struggle for their rights, Hon’ble Dr B. R. Ambedkar.

    Jay Bhim - MoviesElite
    Jay Bhim – MoviesElite

    What Jai Bhim is?

    Jai Bhim is a slogan or you can call it greeting, used by followers of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Jai Bhim alternatively spelt Jay Bhim or Jai Bheem is a slogan or you can say greeting used by followers of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, social reformer, the chief architect of the Constitution of India & an Indian scholar. Jai Bhim means “journey from darkness to light” or “Victory to Bhim”.

    Jai Bhim on Wikipedia

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