Tamil movies 2021

    Tamil movies 2021 

    Check out the list of the latest Tamil movies 2021 along with their reviews. Watch Tamil movies 2022, Tamil movies 2021 online at many different platforms like Amazon prime videos, Disney plus Hotstar, and others. The Tamil movies 2021 are listed below; 

    1. Kaadan 
    Tamil movies 2021

    Kaadan is produced by EROS International and is written and directed by Prabhu Solomon. The film had a delayed release due to the Covid Pandemic. This movie delivers a strong message to the world, we humans need to stop trespassing into nature and the animal kingdom. Nature captured beautifully; an action-drama Tamil movie was released on 26th March 2021. Read more about Kaadan here

    1. Laabam 
    Tamil movies 2021

    Unless a farmer is educated and is well-versed with business management, collective farming is the way to sustain agriculture and diversify the risk involved. This movie provides a very intriguing topic that should be pondered by many. Unfortunately, this movie got 3.3 out of 10 on IMDb. Laabam was released on 9 September 2021, directed by S.P. Jananathan. 

    1. Tughlaq Durbar 
    Tamil movies 2021
    Tughlaq Durbar

    Just like its protagonist’s plight, this movie seems to suffer from a split personality syndrome. The story ambles from satire to silly to sappy and cannot seem to find itself after an entertaining first hour. The initial scenes where Vijay Sethupathi establishes his character are delightful because he is in his element here as the charming, winsome everyday man who has a few tricks up his sleeve. Just when people think the movie ends on a boring, anti-climactic note, you are subjected to an absolutely nonsensical climax simply to show off a cameo by the inimitable Satyaraj. Vijay Sethupathi is one of the most natural actors we have in the industry today. 

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    1. Kasada Thapara 
    Tamil movies 2021
    Kasada Thapara

    This movie was released on 27 August 2021, and the director of this movie was Chimbu Deven. This movie is composed of 6 interconnected stories, the movie follows the story of a pharma labourer, a school custodian, a police officer, a don, a wannabe con artist and an office clerk. The film explores various kinds of emotions like love, sentiment, family values and the personal life of Gangster. How a gangster father strives hard for the welfare of his son, how a police officer’s life gets affected largely due to his senior officer’s egoistic attitude and problems, are shown clearly. 

    1. Lift 
    Tamil movies 2021

    This movie is available to watch on Disney Plus Hotstar. The lift was released on 1 October 2021 and directed by Vineeth Varaprasad. A good horror thriller film, an immense improvement from other horror movies in Tamil. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, as it does have its own negatives, but the movie is very well made, the story is also good. 

    1. Dikkiloona 
    Tamil movies 2021

    Dikkiloona, the whole story of this film story is based on a simple fiction story formula of correcting a disturbed marriage life, which is the reality of a wonderland dream love life. Time travel is used as a concept and made very simple without many dwellings into the science, which made it simple for the targeted audience and the industry.  

    1. Annaatthe 

    Annaatthe, the superstar Rajnikanth movie was splendid and brilliant. The Tamil songs that were from that movie were incredible which I love all of them from that movie. This movie was released on November 4th 2021, starring Rajnikant in the lead role. The direction was good, but the screenplay could have been better but Rajini’s acting and action sequences are engaging, overall, a good movie with a rating of 4.5 out of 10 on IMDb. 

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    1. Aranmanai 3  
    Tamil movies 2021
    Aranmanai 3

    Aranmanai 3 movie is definitely a better movie than parts 1 & 2. A horror-comedy genre film, not too horrific, but a good entertainer with some comedy scenes and equally thrilling horror scenes. This movie got 4.1 of 10 on IMDb, 3 of 5 on Times of India, & 1.5 on The News Minute. Aranmanai 3

    1. Jagame Thandiram 
    Tamil movies 2021
    Jagame Thandiram

    Basically, this movie is very humorous and comedy. The movie revolves around a gangster who’ll take his career all way from the restricted arena into the international level, finally touches down the aspect of refugee problems and renders a good message about the ill-effect of racism and regionalism. The plot is simple, but have a good message.  

    1. Thittam Irandu 
    Tamil movies 2021
    Thittam Irandu

    Despite its many narrative flaws, Thittam Irandu ends up being an impactful watch because of the social message that it carries and ultimately portrays with nuance. 

    Aishwarya Rajesh carries this film as a dutiful Chennai cop who gets caught up in the investigation behind the suspicious murders of two married women. The clues lead her down a rabbit hole filled with deceit and deception and nothing is what it seems.  

    So, this was our list of Tamil movies 2021.


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