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    Top Tamil movies: The Tamil film industry also known as Kollywood is one of the most loved film industries in India and the fans of Tamil movies are out of India too. The Tamil film industry is more famous for its action and drama flicks. Over the years, Kollywood has released many successful movies. Here are some of the Top Tamil Movies;  

    Vikram Vedha (2017)  

    Vikram Vedha is simply a movie that tells the story of a Cop & Gangster with their aspects in it, the movie has a great ending where the entire plot of the story turns and gives a great feeling to the audience. The performance of Madhvan is awesome like always, his act is so natural. The script of this movie is brilliantly written and directed by Gayatri and Pushkar and was set to release on the 21st of July 2017. This movie is a must-watch.  

    Valimai (2022)  

    Valimai: One of the Top Tamil Movies, directed by H. Vinoth. When you will watch this masterpiece, I bet you even for a single second you won’t feel like the story is being dragged or exaggerated. Valimai is a fun action entertainer with a good message. Its high-quality action sequences are an absolute treat, Ajith Kumar’s fantastic screen presence is another reason one remains glued to the screen. His bike stunts are top-notch, and his emotional moments are touching and resonant. The music doesn’t interrupt the film’s pace, and the background score elevates the fun to the next level. It has a very good pre-interval action scene, but aside from that, the film also has an outstanding post-interval action sequence which is my favourite scene in the whole film. On the flip side, some might find the climax unconvincing. Other than that, it’s a perfect cinematic wonder.  

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    Master (2021)  

    Master is available to watch on Amazon Prime. The movie shows the story of a drunkard professor JD played by Vijay, whose life is fully immersed in Alcohol & one fine moment he is being sent as a professor to a Juvenile Home where he realizes the atrocities and illegal activities happening which is led by Bhavani. Bhavani is a perfect foil to his name’s sake co-star and his characterization of a street-smart toughie is simply awesome. The guy is rocking as a goon who can knock out anyone with just a single punch. In one scene, the film portrays him as a devil without horns. The film’s highlight includes some superbly executed action sequences especially the climax, Anirudh’s aptly tuned score and last but not least, the style and swag of the two warring Vijays.  

    Maanagaram (2017)  

    If you are looking for a crime drama that keeps you on the edge of the seat and does not allow you to predict the next scene, then end your search on Maanagaram. The one of the Top Tamil Movies, the director deserves credit for cleverly presenting the story. Maanagaram is available to watch for free on the Sony Liv app, this movie was released on 10 March 2017 and was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj.  

    Sarpatta Parambarai (2021)  

    Sarpatta Parambarai registers the lifestyle of people who lived in North Chennai during the 1970s. Right from the title card the director wants to give an all-new relishing experience of watching a period film set around the boxing sport. A lot of groundwork and research had been carried out to pen down the story for this melodramatic sports tale. Both Pa. Ranjith and actor Arya were desperate to come back in their career. Sarpatta Parambarai provided the right platform for both director and actor to come back in style. Actor Arya lived the character of ‘Kabilan’ it is quite evident that a lot of hard work, commitment, and dedication are required for the role of Kabilan. Also, the film demands a lot of physical transformation from the protagonist which Arya provides in style with his solid performance. The emotional shifts and body transformation for the intense action sequences were perfectly portrayed by Arya. Overall, a must-watch movie, this movie got 8.8/10 on IMDb.  

    Karnan (2021)  

    Top Tamil movies

    The movie is loosely based on 1995 Kodiyankulam Violence, this is such a masterpiece. The first half of the story is all about character development, then in interval blocks, you get a sense of the main topic of the movie, and go to a thrilling climax. Each character stands out with very good acting. I could remember every character from the start. The camera unflinchingly shows you the hard and bitter end of the young girl’s life. The story of the movie is set in the Podiyankulam village where a marginalized and ostracized section of the people reside. The people of the village are fun-loving, hardworking but they don’t own the land and they do not have a bus stop. The elders of the village have rescinded themselves to this life and hope that someone from this village will get a government job someday and the village will see better days then. This movie is not a story of one man, but an entire community that has been ostracized, victimized, terrorized into a slave mentality that acts as the chain of bondage in their minds (brilliantly showcased by Mari Selvaraj through the use of a donkey whose forelegs are tied) that they forget to stand up for their rights but a single spark can ignite lost self-respect and sense of liberty and that voice is Karnan. This movie is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video, do watch this masterpiece.  

    Mandela (2021)  

    Mandela is one of the finest ones in which Yogi Babu has acted, the film is a thorough voice over the common man & brutally open-honest to the point of answering questions that have no answers. The story is so captivating that it leaves you stunned into serious silence and then suddenly breaking into laughter. I loved the way the innocence of the lead characters was so well portrayed that you will feel a sense of sympathy at every stage. The movie’s great achievement talks about the most debated topic of recent times. It was categorically full of engaging suspense that slowly starts building inside you, right until the very last minute that kept me thinking all the whole while about how it was going to end.  

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    Jigarthanda (2014)  

    Jigarthanda – A really good written and directed movie supported by apt casting and acting. This is the best thriller movie made by Karthik Subraj. The film is so brilliant and realistic and Siddharth’s acting is good but bobby’s acting is outstanding and some scenes make you burst into laughter. Overall, it is an awesome movie with a great concept.  

    Pisaasu (2014)  

    If you want to fall in love with a ghost, then you shouldn’t miss this movie. This movie is a perfect combination of fear, comedy, sentiment, thrill and suspense. It is a good ghost story; being on the list of our Top Tamil Movies it deserves a watch.  

    Darbar (2020)  

    Top Tamil movies

    Darbar, what an amazing blockbuster movie, AR Murugudoss pulls off an amazing story with a combination of action, romance, comedy, emotion and main morals. Anirudh’s music and BGM in the movie keep the movie running at a very quick pace. Thalaiva’s performance as usual is top-notch and the amount of effort he has put into dance, stunts and style at this age is once again inspiring to watch. The first half of the movie goes very quickly with power-packed action with a combination of romance. Thalaiva’s scenes in slow motion with the BGM were a special treat to the fans. The second half of the movie slows down due to the emotional scenes. Nayantara’s role seems to have a minor role but we all know her. She can pull off any role at the best level.  

    These are some top Tamil movies as per my taste, most likely you will love them all too. Spread the article between your friends and family members so that they can kill their boringness with these best Tamil movies. 


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